Tuesday, 23 April 2013

For the Love of Denim - recycling at it´s best!

We all like to wear denim, right? 
As trousers, blouse, jackets or even as a bag, but what happens to those beauties going out of fashion?

They get a new life at Maison Indigo, as Fox, Elephant and Anteater!  

Hand made in the Netherlands and sewn together with love by people with disabilities. Together with
the re-used fabric each animal has its own unique look. 
And just like leather, denim gets softer and  gains beauty over  time. By re-using denim these wonderful
qualities get an even longer lifecycle without using new materials. 

And who knows?
Maybe one of your old pair of denim trousers turned into a member of the  Maison Indigo collection
and put a smile unto a little girls or boys face...

Isn´t that a wonderful thought? 

Brigitte xxx