Thursday, 11 April 2013

We do Wood

Who says ethics and aesthetics don´t go together?

Well meet "We do Wood", a danish furniture company founded by the two designers Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgesen. 
They designed this wonderful set for children, "Lilly´s Chair" & "Geo´s Table".
It doesn´t just look beautiful and simple, it is functional to, as the table has a large pull-out drawer, which can be used to stash paper, crayons and other favorite toys from both sides of the table. Later on you can use it as a side table. This is furniture that will last for generations. 
And what I haven´t told you yet, the company has very strong sustainable ambitions, everything is made out of bamboo, the world´s fastest growing evergreen species of; yes! grass!! Bamboo grown without any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides! 

So here you go: beautiful design combined with a good concience! 
Love it ♡

Hope you enjoyed the sun today as much as I did? The winter is finally gone! 
Brigitte xx