Thursday, 13 June 2013

White bunnies everywhere...

Finally spring/summer has arrived here in Vienna, ...and will stay. Well thats what they tell us and I am a strong believer on this subject.
You get woken by birds singing in front of your window and the sun touching you with its warm ray of light, still lying in your cosy bed. Thats what I really love about this time of year.

I spend a lot of time outside and have spotted quite some animals already, but I cant help myself, since yesterday I just feel like Alice in Wonderland, I am seeing white bunnies everywhere... wonder where they come from? ☺
But one thing is for sure, you will spot them soon too...

Get out those lovely colorful summer clothes, eat ice cream in the park and look out for those little fury friends hopping around.

Have a great day.

xx Brigitte