Thursday, 4 July 2013

Feeling Blue?

Ok, ok, I admit! .... My favorite color is blue!

Here we are more than happy to have a blue sky above us , summer has finally, yes finally!! come to stay. ...I know I have said so before and I was soo wrong, but I am convinced this time!

I must say, I always preferred cold colors. As a teenager I refused to wear any other color than blue. It has changed throughout the years though, I managed to mix some new "colors" within. 
Black, grey and white..., but at the moment I am really happy all these beautiful cool blue denim trousers, blouses, shorts, dresses etc. seem to stay in fashion, my wardrobe is packed with it...

Well you can never go wrong with a beautiful indigo or marine blue!

- Mini Classic Suede Denim Boots by Herbert Schier
- DollsPigmée
- Dip Dye Overall - Wolfechild
- Denim Hairbows - Maison Indigo
- Ice Bear Print - Sarah Maycock

xx Brigitte