Tuesday, 16 July 2013

In the Forest

Hello Sunshine, hello Nature!

After all those working hours indoors, I finally got to enjoy these two beloved friends again. I was out and about at a wonderful nature park in my area, busy spotting out some locations for the beetles&bugs photo shoot. 

...Yes we are slowly getting there! We will open a bit later as planned, but Hey! what is life without surprises?! I will keep you updated...

There is a small forest too and when you are silent and patient, you get to see some animals. Today I was lucky and a deer appeared while I was sitting next to one of those amazing hundreds of years old mammut trees. Must admit, these deer are quite tame, but still it was a magic moment, as it was looking straight to me for a long time and then slowly continued its path. Made my day!!

To all of you, enjoy many more perfect sunny moments!

Brigitte xx